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Smart SMS

Smart SMS, the mobile banking service, is an easy way of banking through mobile phones. The 'Smart SMS' offer FGB customers a range of 'instant services' and 'requests' such as:

  • Wasel Recharge or Renew
  • Enquire outstanding bill amount and pay Etisalat (Land Line/GSM/Evision/Broadband/Dial Up) and SEWA Bills
  • Pay DEWA/ADWEA and Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) bills
  • Check latest account balance/ available credit card balance, minimum amount due and payment due date.
  • Activate Credit or Debit card.
  • Generate or Reset Telephone Banking PIN (TPIN).
  • Generate or Reset Internet Banking PIN (IPIN).
  • Get information on last five transactions of FGB account or credit card
  • Register for E Statements
  • Register for Account Alerts
  • Transfer funds between FGB accounts
  • Make FGB credit card payment through FGB account
  • Recharge Salik account
  • Recharge DU account and Pay DU bills

Click here for SMS Banking User Guide

Click here for Smart SMS Terms & Conditions


  • SMS to 2121
  • The SMS is not case sensitive, it can be in CAPS or small or both.
  • Amount should NOT be in decimals, please round off the amount to the nearest dirham.
  • For Wasel recharge the minimum amount is AED 30 and maximum is AED 10000, the amounts should be in multiples of AED 10.
  • For Wasel renewal, amount should not be entered. (Refer the link for example)
  • There should not be any space between A or C and the last 4 digits of the account/credit card number. (Refer the link for example)
  • There should be single space for everything else. (Refer the link for example)
  • Enter the correct last 4 digits of the account number or credit card number.
  • Save the required SMS text as a TEMPLATE in your mobile phone, so no need to type the same text each time.

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